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Coachells Valley Enterprise Zone Authority
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Successes and Highlights

Coachella Valley Economic Blueprint
In response to the ongoing economic crisis and the identified need for a diversified economy, CVEP brought together a diverse and regional group of major stakeholders to create the first ever comprehensive strategic economic growth plan. This is the cornerstone of all economic development efforts in the Coachella Valley.

Pathways to Success
In June 2009, CVEP launched a 10 year effort to build a pipeline of college educated workforce for new industry clusters. Funded by outside foundations and local partners, this initiative provided almost $1.5 million in local scholarships in its first year. 280 Coachella Valley students were awarded scholarships to 39 different colleges and universities in the US. All students are provided with student support and tracking while in college.

Career Pathways Initiative
CVEP created a regional model that links education and business. $1.8 million was used to help create career academies with public schools, establish partnerships between and among K-12 schools, colleges, universities and industry. These programs expose students to career options and help make the learning experience relevant to the world of work. These programs reduce drop out rates and increase college going rates of participants. As an example, in one school the first graduating class in this program had 100% graduation rate and a 97% college going rate.

Annual Report
For several years now CVEP has assimilated all regional and city economic data for business development and growth. This report has become an invaluable resource for cities.

Tri-Valley Alliance with Imperial and Mexicali
CVEP created a business and economic development alliance between Imperial Valley, Coachella Valley, and Mexicali to stimulate a greater regional approach to business attraction, diversification and expansion. This alliance exists today and we are partnering now and expanding its focus to include renewable energy and Foreign Direct Investment opportunities.

Annual Economic Summit
CVEP hosts an annual economic event that brings together regional stakeholders, includes public outreach, and provides annual economic forecasting and summaries that are useful to short and long range planning for area government agencies and businesses.  

Sunline Transit Agency
CVEP played a lead role in coordinating the effort to secure federal funds for the hydrogen bus effort along with Sunline Transit Agency, College of the Desert and University of California Riverside. Ultimately, this resulted in a $10 million initiative which garnered international recognition. Today we boast the world’s only 6th generation hydrogen bus and our local fleet is recognized as an industry leader. CVEP is proud to have been a part of this effort early on.

Foreign Direct Investment Resource
We remain a primary resource for investment in the valley. We field data requests and provide site selection services for businesses wanting to expand/relocate. Many of these opportunities are now off-shore investment groups.

Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center
As a founding partner, we continue to provide facility space, staff support and advisory board members to this small business resource in the valley.