Today I am highlighting another graph from our recently published 2021 Greater Palm Springs Economic Report. We encourage everyone to download a free copy. This graph from page 44 of the report displays the income for workers for each major industry sector averaged for all jobs in that sector. For example, financial activities can include jobs from clerical work to CPAs. But overall, jobs in this sector are the highest paid in the valley.

I have superimposed over the original orange bars green bars. They proportionately display the percent of total jobs in the valley per each industry sector. Leisure and hospitality, thus, supply 25.5% of all jobs in the valley. Unfortunately, as you can see, this sector is also the lowest paying. In fact, the six lowest paying sectors supply 63% of all jobs in the valley. The prevailing skew of lower-paying jobs in the valley is at the heart of CVEP’s mission to diversity the valley economy.