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The Top 5 Reasons to Move to Greater Palm Springs

  1. Once you’re here you won’t ever want to get out of town, but for the times you need to, the hassle-free Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) offers nonstop service to more than two dozen destinations with connections to over 500 cities worldwide.
  2. You have more important places to spend your time than in your car. No matter the time of day, a trip across town will take you minutes, not hours.
  3. When the weekend arrives, your vacation begins at your front door. The natural beauty of the desert, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountain ranges, and neighboring Joshua Tree National Park are all right here and ready to be explored.
  4. Greater Palm Springs’ permanent population is nearly half a million people, with all the amenities you’d expect from a market this size. But it’s just as easy to do business, gain access to local decision-makers, and to integrate yourself into the community as it would be in a much smaller town.
  5. To escape the exorbitant costs of California’s major metros, you could leave the state altogether. But then, you wouldn’t be in California. Greater Palm Springs is the only region in California that boasts a true California vibe without the typical California price tag.

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