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Brought to you by CVEP and the Women’s Business Momentum Center.

Monthly Momentum is a strategic planning, goals setting and monthly accountability session to support entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals in generating growth.

Think of it as your monthly success habit to maintain ongoing MOMENTUM.

✅ Ignite Your Success: Every month, you’ll be guided through a comprehensive review of your past achievements and setbacks, reconnecting with your grand vision for the year.

📈 Strategically Plan: You’ll prioritize projects, actions, and goals to align with your business aspirations, ensuring that both you and your business stay in perpetual momentum, evolving, and growing.

🎯. Generate Growth: Whether you’re looking to scale your company, launch a new product, or refine your professional practices, Monthly Momentum empowers you with the tools and insights needed every single month.

💥 Transform Your Business: Make Monthly Momentum your committed practice for consistent success and fulfillment in your business endeavors, and turn this month into a pivotal moment in your business success story.

Monthly Momentum is held at the Palm Desert iHub. Facilitated by Marianne Jeff of the Women’s Business Momentum Center. FREE to attend, but space is limited so please RSVP at the link.

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