Palm Springs iHub

The Palm Springs Innovation Hub (iHub), managed by the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership, is a state-designed business incubator funded by the city of Palm Springs and Wells Fargo. The iHub focuses on early-stage business in the fields of renewable energy, health and medicine, and digital technology. The Palm Springs iHub is designed to mitigate start-up risks and increase the probability of business prospering and growing into the future.

Palm Springs iHub Performance Metrics

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Goals & Objectives:

• Transform the Greater Palm Springs Economy through growing innovative enterprise.
• Nurture, attract, and grow 50 renewable, energy based companies in five years.
• Create high-paying jobs in technology and manufacturing throughout Greater Palm Springs.
• Develop programs to enable and encourage Greater Palm Springs to compete in the global marketplace.
• Attract angel and venture capital investments in resident, accelerator, and virtually based companies.
• Increase per capita household income and standard of living regionally. 

Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2)

The Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP), manager of the Palm Springs iHub, is a member of the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) Program, which fosters and accelerates early-stage commercial buildings technologies that provide scalable solutions to reduce the energy impact of buildings. Founded in 2014, IN2 is funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation and co-administered by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). CVEP celebrated the naming of Wells Fargo Innovation Center at the Palm Springs iHub on April 8, 2016.

Meet Some of the Innovative Businesses of the Palm Springs iHub

Energy (Renewables/Management/Conservation)

Sactec Solar: A designer and manufacturer of all-in-one alternative energy solution systems. These units can be deployed in regions or situations where power is not easily accessible.

Eco Green Supply: Environmentally-conscious cleaning products formulated to clean more efficiently and more gently while eliminating pollutants and toxins.

Bird’s Eye Aerial Drones: Also known as BEAD, the company is a drone services provider that was attracted from the San Diego markets with an expansion in the Coachella Valley. Target industries for expansion are agriculture, golf, and construction.

Healthcare/Medical Innovation

DoubleLock Healthcare: Elizabeth Wong is a local CRNA who has been granted a U.S. patent for a new sterile IV port and syringe system. She is currently working on prototype variations of this system.

Care Virtue: Care Virtue is an elder care digital protocol for managing the interaction of the entire care giving team predominantly used for coordination and communication. The company has customers and has secured substantial grants from the SBIR program. They are currently a virtual client.

Software – Primary (Education, Lifestyle, Marketing, Social Media)

Hello Computer: The company headed by Rossana Jeran offers custom AI-driven software solutions. Pilot programs have been conducted in the early childhood education space. The company has completed the prestigious start up training with the TechStars Founder Catalyst program of Colorado that accepts less than 5% of applicants.

Hardware – Primary (Security, Service, Social Media)

Eco Culture Manufacturing: Textile manufacturing focused on recyclable materials and integration of sensor technologies for smart devices.

Yvonne White Collection: a home accessory manufacturing operation.

QwikTarp: a patented semi-custom fitted truck-bed tarp, latch, and tether system. The patented system offers waterproof protection of the truck’s contents, and installs quickly and easily with no paint damage and no drilling required. The company is looking to shift either full or partial manufacturing to Palm Springs.

Moducan: Moducan is headed by a veteran Israeli entrepreneur and is developing a new product in the shelter space that can work in both civilian and military settings.

PALM SPRINGS iHUB Company Highlights:

• DOUBLELOCK HEALTHCARE has been accepted as a member of Global ENGINEERED Device
Suppliers Association, which is expected to open up grant and partnership opportunities.
• DOUBLELOCK HEALTHCARE completed the Mass Challenge in October 2023.
• HELLO COMPUTER, INC. completed an advanced entrepreneurial training regimen at the world renowned TechStars organization in Colorado, entered into the generative AI market with Storytime AI, and was a 1st place winner at the 2024 Fast Pitch Coachella Valley.
• INDIE POWER SYSTEMS provided the energy management system to the Toyota Buffalo Ranch off-grid electrical supply center in Buffalo, Wyoming.
• SUBECA* secured an order from Mission Springs Water District for patented smart water meters. Won the 2016 SBEMP Award for Environment.
• HIPS-SISTER* surpassed $1 million in revenue and was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine.
• HEPPOLT WIND ENERGY secured phase 1 and phase 2 financing for a grid-scale prototype of its patented Vertical Axis Windmill from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
• POCIAL* graduated into market-rate commercial office space and are giving back to the community with events like Celebrate CV and by sponsoring the local Athlete of the Week in the Desert Sun.
• MODUCAN CORPORATION signed an exclusive single-country distributorship agreement with
Israeli company, WaterGen.
• MODUCAN CORPORATION has developed plan sets for affordable modular housing.

*Palm Springs iHub Graduate

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