I am sure many of us do not want to relive the 2020 Presidential campaign and election. But here we go. I have mapped precinct-level Presidential election results obtained from the New York Times. The map shows precincts where Biden or Trump won, and by what proportion of total votes. Biden prevailed in 105 precincts, with 75% or more of the total vote in 33 of these. By contrast, Trump succeeded in only 25 precincts.

Contrast the 2020 Presidential Election precinct map with the 2016 Election map below.

One quickly notices a diminution of Republican victories in the “central spine” of the valley in 2020. Many precincts in Palm Desert and Indio saw a switch to Democratic wins in 2020. In Desert Hot Springs, however, we saw more wins for the Republican candidate in 2020. And more precincts had solid Democratic victories in 2020 as compared to 2016 (more dark blue on the map), especially in Palm Springs and Cathedral City.

Source: NY Times