Employment Centers of the Coachella Valley

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At CVEP we always keep a regional lens on the Coachella Valley. We see an interwoven tapestry of opportunities and challenges between the cities, unincorporated areas, and tribal nations of our interconnected valley. Business and job potential run throughout our region.  Today's map dismisses typical boundaries and explores the employment landscape from a valley-wide view. [...]

Proportion of the Coachella Valley Population with Health Insurance

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Is health care a right or a privilege? Well, I'm not going to dip into those heated waters. For now, American political forces keep that an open question. But we know that lack of access to health care is an ongoing challenge in the US. The 202o US Census estimates that 9.7% of our population [...]

Employment Inflows and Outflows in Coachella Valley Cities

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CVEP’s central mission is to empower economic regionalism. We’re not complaining, but with a region comprised of nine incorporated cities and additional unincorporated areas, embracing regionalism is a challenge. Today’s digest looks at regionalism by investigating where residents live and work. In which city do most residents both live and work? Which city exports the [...]

Employment Metrics 2018 vs 2022

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Can you think back to 2018? That was FIVE years ago. Not two or three years as it feels to me due to the lost COVID years. So much has changed irrevocably like how we think about work. Here at CVEP, we have highlighted the business effects of the pandemic. For instance, the disproportionate number [...]

Colorado River Crisis and the Coachella Valley

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Despite this season’s welcome winter rains the Western United States remains in a nearly quarter-decade “megadrought.” This long drought period manifests in the Colorado River's diminished flow. Southern California relies on this vital resource. In fact, California uses the single largest share of the river. And Imperial Valley farms are allocated nearly 80% of that [...]

Healthy Places Index – Coachella Valley

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Sometimes, when our newsletter deadline is looming, I must force myself to stop searching for data. GIS gives one access to an overwhelming amount of geographic and demographic information. Often, I just can’t make a choice! One great source of regional data is the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). CVEP’s illustrious former Board chair [...]

Household Income Indicators in the Coachella Valley

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Happy New Year everyone! Of course, I recently wrote 2022 on a check. The fact that I still write checks is a hint that I’m baffled by the quick turn of years. For the first few Data Digests of 2023, we will be using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for a local dive into some basic [...]

Santa’s Trip from the North Pole

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Inflation. High interest rates. Crypto collapses. Bah humbug. How about we forget about the economy for this digest? Let's take a more festive perspective. Here are a couple of maps about Santa! So how long is Santa's trip from the North Pole to the Coachella Valley? This introduces the cartographer's dilemma. How do we, with [...]

Top 5 Employers – 9 Coachella Valley Cities and Unincorporated Areas

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Procuring a thorough listing of area businesses is daunting.  Many business databases exist, but they can be frustratingly incomplete or out of date. The best way is of course the most difficult and time-consuming: conducting door-to-door physical searches of business locations. Since this is mostly impractical, databases will have to do. Esri’s subscription Business Analyst [...]

Per Capita Retail Sales in the 9 Coachella Valley Cities

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Today we continue our exploration of some of the invaluable data found in our just released 2022 Greater Palm Springs Economic Report. The retail sector is a primary driver of the US economy. So too in the Coachella Valley. To best display this, I have taken the data from Figure 46 of the report - [...]

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