Employment Profile of Coachella Valley Residents

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I don't know about you, but I'm not much of a resolutions person. Instead, I see the new year as a time to reflect and recharge. In that spirit, as I usually do each New Year, we will look at some fundamental economic and socioeconomic data about the valley over the next few weeks. We [...]

Choosing to Change: Our 2023 Greater Palm Springs Economic Report is now available free for download

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No more Summit Report sneak peeks. I'm thrilled to announce that the official Economic Report for 2023 is now available for download on our website. We are excited to share with you nearly 75 pages of comprehensive business and socioeconomic data about the Coachella Valley. Enjoy our economist Dr. Manfred Keil's "big picture" discussion, COVID-19 [...]

Ranking of Occupation Groups in the Coachella Valley

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In my last blog, I mapped where the Coachella Valley's working population is concentrated. Now let's look more closely at the types of occupations valley workers occupy. We will explore a ranking of occupation classes derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system. We'll rank the classes by the total number [...]

Commuting Patterns of the Coachella Valley

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Today's Data Digest expands on the last theme of employment inflow and outflows. That discussion centered on how many workers commuted into each city and conversely how many residents commuted out or worked in their city of residence. Here we will explore where residents work and how far they commute for their employment. This map [...]

Employment Inflows and Outflows in Coachella Valley Cities

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CVEP’s central mission is to empower economic regionalism. We’re not complaining, but with a region comprised of nine incorporated cities and additional unincorporated areas, embracing regionalism is a challenge. Today’s digest looks at regionalism by investigating where residents live and work. In which city do most residents both live and work? Which city exports the [...]

Employment Metrics 2018 vs 2022

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Can you think back to 2018? That was FIVE years ago. Not two or three years as it feels to me due to the lost COVID years. So much has changed irrevocably like how we think about work. Here at CVEP, we have highlighted the business effects of the pandemic. For instance, the disproportionate number [...]

Change In Employment in the Coachella Valley

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It’s off to the printers! We’re very excited to debut our latest Economic report at the 18th Annual Greater Palm Springs Summit on Monday, October 31st. We’ve revamped our report with nearly 50 pages of invaluable economic and demographic data. Today’s digest is another sneak peek of useful data and information packed into our report. How [...]

Leisure and Hospitality Workers quit their jobs at a record pace

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nationally, workers in the Leisure and Hospitality sector are quitting their jobs at a record pace. In May alone, 5.3% quit, a new record for this sector and twice the national average for all industries. As we note with regularity, the Coachella Valley is over-reliant on the Leisure [...]

Teens and Grads Can Help Solve the Worker Shortage

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In the summer of 1973, I was hired as a teenager into my first real job with a paycheck. That job at Jimmy’s Drive Inn in Sturgis, Kentucky paid a whopping 75 cents per hour plus all I wanted to eat.  I learned many valuable life lessons there: showing up on time; being groomed appropriately [...]

Back to Basics for Controlling Coronavirus in Coachella Valley

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As economic developers, of course we want to see Coachella Valley businesses open. But in order for our economy to really function, we've got to prioritize the protection of public health. That's because businesses need customers, and customers need to 1) feel safe and 2) be healthy enough to participate in economic activity. Just this [...]

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