For-profit? Non-profit? In which type of businesses do Coachella Valley employees work?

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I always find it fascinating to see how the Coachella Valley compares demographically with other geographic areas. Such comparisons give a fresh perspective on what is unique about our Valley. What are our particular strengths and weaknesses? Today we will compare the distribution of our workforce in terms of "class of worker." The US Census [...]

Employment Centers of the Coachella Valley

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At CVEP we always keep a regional lens on the Coachella Valley. We see an interwoven tapestry of opportunities and challenges between the cities, unincorporated areas, and tribal nations of our interconnected valley. Business and job potential run throughout our region.  Today's map dismisses typical boundaries and explores the employment landscape from a valley-wide view. [...]

Housing Price Comparison: Silicon Valley vs. Greater Palm Springs

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From time to time I think back to the time right after I graduated from Stanford and wanted badly to buy a home in or around the Stanford campus. I couldn't quite afford a modest tract house in Palo Alto then. Today even though I am a CEO with an decent entrepreneurial exit in the [...]

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