Urban Displacement in the Coachella Valley

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, residential real estate has been on a wild roller coaster ride. Housing prices in the Coachella Valley rose to historic levels during the COVID restrictions. People moved into the valley for comparatively lower-priced homes and less overcrowding, looking for more desirable places to lock down and work from home. [...]

Census Housing Unit Totals in the Coachella Valley – 2000 to 2020

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Palm Springs Life’s real estate forecast seminar, Market Watch, is always fascinating, and this week’s presentation was no exception. Any data geek like me can’t get enough of the extensive facts and figures about the Coachella Valley housing market. And during this unprecedented rise in home values, housing data helps make sense of this volatile [...]

Historically Low Housing Starts in the Coachella Valley

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In my last blog, I discussed the staggering rise in median home prices in the valley.  COVID stay-at-home restrictions and the desire to move to less congested locales unleashed an unexpected buying spree. But the historically low pace of new housing construction, locally and nationally, underlies the explosive rise in median home prices. This week [...]

Spending Habits That Waste Over $10K a Year

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I recently overheard a young professional discussing the high cost of living. He asked his colleague how it would ever be possible to save enough money to make a down payment on a house. The young man's spending habits were observed over the course of a few hours. During that time, he consumed a bottle [...]

Housing Price Comparison: Silicon Valley vs. Greater Palm Springs

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From time to time I think back to the time right after I graduated from Stanford and wanted badly to buy a home in or around the Stanford campus. I couldn't quite afford a modest tract house in Palo Alto then. Today even though I am a CEO with an decent entrepreneurial exit in the [...]

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