Our Feelings about the Economy

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As stated in my bio, I do listen to many, many podcasts. One of my favorites is the New York Time's Ezra Klein Show. His latest episode was "The Economic Theory That Explains Why Americans Are So Mad." He states that on a personal level, many Americans say they're doing ok. The stock market is [...]

Households and Housing Affordability in the Coachella Valley

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We're back to another interactive map for today's Data Digest. Like the previous Household Income Comparisons map, this map allows you to explore 5 different map layers. These layers follow a theme of average household and family size in the valley and housing affordability for the typical family. Several of the map layers are symbolized [...]

Housing in the Coachella Valley – Unaffordable except for the few

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Our CEO, Joe Wallace, gave an inspiring presentation at our recent 2023 Economic Report meeting. One of the salient subjects he discussed was how the average household in the Coachella Valley could not afford to purchase a home here in the current real estate climate. The estimated median household income here is $64,192. So half [...]

Census Housing Unit Totals in the Coachella Valley – 2000 to 2020

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Palm Springs Life’s real estate forecast seminar, Market Watch, is always fascinating, and this week’s presentation was no exception. Any data geek like me can’t get enough of the extensive facts and figures about the Coachella Valley housing market. And during this unprecedented rise in home values, housing data helps make sense of this volatile [...]

Coachella Valley Home Prices on the Rise

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A couple of years ago I was honored to represent CVEP as a speaker at the quarterly Market Watch Seminar series sponsored by Palm Springs Life.  This seminar series presents a thorough examination of the residential real estate market. I would encourage readers to attend.  Even if you are not a realtor, you will learn [...]

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