Wealth in the Coachella Valley

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For my first Data Digest of 2023, I explored household income in the Coachella Valley. Household income has risen since the COVID lockdowns, especially for those with the lowest incomes. Persistent inflation, however, has taken a painful bite from these needed gains. Income is earned or received during a limited period. Many US households live [...]

Coachella Valley Home Prices on the Rise

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A couple of years ago I was honored to represent CVEP as a speaker at the quarterly Market Watch Seminar series sponsored by Palm Springs Life.  This seminar series presents a thorough examination of the residential real estate market. I would encourage readers to attend.  Even if you are not a realtor, you will learn [...]

Help Our Recovery. Get Tested.

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An overwhelming number of the businesses we’ve talked to are eager to re-open. Despite some of the negative labels being hurled about, these people aren’t all denying science, nor are they all putting profit over health. These are entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and small business owners who have spent lifetimes building their businesses, brands, or skills. [...]

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