CVEP recently welcomed Palm Springs Life to its board of directors. Julie Rogers, long-time account executive at Palm Springs Life, will serve as board member, and Paulina Larsen will fill the alternate board member position.

The CVEP board is comprised of business and community leaders and elected officials. In addition to holding a board position, Palm Springs Life is now an official media partner/sponsor with CVEP.

The reasons and the timing behind this strategic partnership make good sense. “As CVEP has become more effective in positioning the Coachella Valley as a dynamic, affordable, and strategically located place for business, it recognized Palm Springs Life’s corporate parent, Desert Publications, Inc. (DPI), as the kind of entrepreneurial enterprise they wished to attract. Employing more than 35 highly skilled writers, artists, sales, and production people in the print, video, event, and digital media enterprises, DPI’s insight is valuable not only in the storytelling but actualizing the narrative. Such insights can be invaluable in serving CVEP in the highly competitive lure of economic development as we share the goals and ideas CVEP carries as its foundation,” Rogers explained.

“Business is as much a part of life as relaxation is, and this partnership will enable both CVEP and Palm Springs Life to show the world how the Coachella Valley is an exemplary place to live and work,” said Joe Wallace, CEO of CVEP.