Today I write this blog in honor of this morning’s big event, our annual Economic Summit. The 17th Annual Greater Palm Springs Summit took place this morning at 9 am. You can still catch the proceedings here.  The theme was “Pursuit.”  Our featured speakers discussed the central theme of a committed regional strategy for coming out of the pandemic and visioning a prosperous and resilient regional economy.

Today’s map continues our discussion of the population results of the 2020 census. But now we are looking at population change at a very local level – census tracts. Instead of looking at whole cities we now see a much more granular view of population growth and decline. While there has been much talk about growth in the last decade in the East Valley one can see pockets of growth and decline from east to west, north to south. This is a truly regional viewpoint, where we look past the city boundaries and see that population change is a valley-wide phenomenon with regional implications for the future. Seeing the whole valley through a different lens reinforces the necessity to “pursue” a prosperous future together.