Residents of select neighborhoods of Reykjavik, Iceland are now able to order small meals and drinks for drone delivery. The Aha drone is capable of making triple the deliveries of a driver within a 2.5 mile radius of its home base. The delivery radius is about to expand to 5 miles. The initial target market is 1,000 homes in greater Reykjavik. How long before this is available somewhere in the United States?

The Coachella Valley, with our limitations on building heights, well-defined street grid and highly-developed culinary business is an ideal location for early adoption of drone delivery technology. This would create a brand new profit center for our food and drink providers.

Can you imagine having the ability to order your favorite drinks and treats to your backyard? While a drone can’t exactly deliver service with a smile, in terms of convenience it would be akin to the poolside service from a high-end resort. However, drone delivery would be available even in vacation rentals and private residences. This kind of technology would be a win-win solution for Greater Palm Springs businesses and residents. As a bonus, it may also keep some intoxicated drivers off of our streets.

Check out the recent Wall Street Journal article on the Reykjavik drone project.