SacTec Solar launched its mobile solar product, “PowerHop” with a live demonstration at JFK Memorial Hospital on May 31 during a disaster exercise. Several examples of energy generation were used in the demonstration, attended by fifth graders from the Dr. Carreon Academy.

PowerHop is a containerized, rapid deployment, mobile solar system configured in various options of solar panels, battery storage systems and power conversion electronics providing both 12-48 VDC and 120/240 or 480 VAC power. Each “half-sized” container holds up to 25KW of solar arrays, making it possible to truck 100KW of power, per delivery. The highly efficient and adaptable system allows an immediate Off-Grid deployment anywhere at anytime.

The SacTec Solar mobile Off-Grid power systems, rapidly deploys in 8 hours in support of FEMA, Police & Fire Agencies, Government Offices and Defense use. These “Green” supplemental back-up power sources are ideal for cities, government, schools or hospitals and are cheaper to operate than running a diesel generator 24 hours daily, especially when diesel supplies are interrupted.

Using each 25KW PowerHop container as a building block, large-scale applications of 1-4 MW of solar panels are possible along with 1-2 MWs of battery storage, potentially cutting daytime prime Edison power costs in half for industrial applications.

SacTec is a start-up enterprise in the Palm Springs iHub.