One of the main reasons people choose live in, move to and visit the Coachella Valley area is to enjoy its stunning natural beauty. Local environmental groups and even regular residents take great pride in maintaining the natural environment and its beauty in the Coachella Valley to ensure that it will still be there to inspire awe for both visitors in the present and future generations. The natural environment itself acts as a driving economic force for the cities that exist within the Coachella Valley and as the winter months draw to a close and things start to heat up again nature creates a colorful spectacle that one is sure to never forget!

Celebrate this year’s 15th annual Wildflower Festival

Each spring the valley comes alive with a superbloom of wildflowers bringing elation and joy to residents and visitors alike. To celebrate this natural phenomenon come take part in this year’s 15th annual Coachella Valley Wildflower Festival! This year the festival will be hosted at the City of Palm Desert’s Civic Center Park on March 5th. This year’s event will feature a spectacular wildflower display and is free to attend. Local artists, vendors, exhibitors and live music will all be on offer at this year’s festival ensuring that it will be a party to remember!

Bring the whole family! This year’s festival will also feature an interactive kids’ zone with a climbing wall, Safety Fair, Youth Art Contest and much, much more! The interactive kids’ zone will ensure that your young ones will be entertained and engaged as you take in the sights and spectacles of springtime. This festival is a great opportunity for anyone interested in connecting more with the valley’s natural environment.

Raffles, a silent auction and more

Come take part in raffles and a silent auction, with funds raised going to support Friends of the Desert Mountains (FODM) work in protecting and preserving the area’s land resources. FODM works to connect people with the land and provides opportunities for valley residents and visitors alike to enjoy and help sustain the rugged, natural beauty of the Santa Rosa, San Jacinto Mountains National Monument as well as the entirety of the Coachella Valley! Programs offered include guided hikes, adult and youth education, citizen science, trail maintenance, weed removal and conservation. You can download FODM’s flower field guide here and learn to identify the local flora in both their common and Latin names.

There is no time like the present to get yourself engaged in valley’s natural environment! Before the searing heat of the summer challenge yourself to get outdoors this week with the Wildflower Festival. Not only will you be enjoying the local natural beauty of the valley but you will be supporting the public lands that host many of these natural wonders.

Food and beverages available for purchase

Feel like having a bite at the festival and taking a moment to cool off?  Food and beverages will be available for purchase. This will include a beer & wine garden for adults to come and kick up their feet! So come join in this week and witness the annual transformation of the Coachella Valley into a colorful canvas!

For more information, or to make a donation to FODM, check out this link!