Today we give you a preview of data you will find in our soon-to-be-published 2021 Greater Palm Springs Economic Report. Below is a sample of the nearly 50 tables and graphs to be found in the report. These resources cover a wide range of demographic and economic characteristics of the Coachella Valley.

This graph displays the percentage of our local population, aged 18-24 years, attending college or graduate programs in 2018. Comparing the overall average for the Coachella Valley, 32.8%, to the national average of 55.5% is alarming. Both California and Riverside Counties as a whole have higher attendance than the valley. The 18-24 aged population of Rancho Mirage has the highest attendance, 46.6% – near that of California. The lowest is Indian Wells, at 26.2%, considering that Indian Wells has a very low proportion of their population in this age group.

A myriad of factors may account for this disparity in higher education attendance. Regardless, this puts the Coachella Valley at a significant disadvantage when recruiting businesses and economic opportunities to our valley. Moreover, residents pursuing higher degrees often do not find opportunities to return to the valley to use their hard-won education and skills.

CVEP is at the forefront of pressing for a full-time comprehensive 4-year university for the valley. Having to leave home and family to pursue higher education can be a huge impediment to attending college for the valley’s college-aged population. The future of our valley rests in their hands. They deserve easier opportunities to prepare for this future.