I can’t believe I started the 2024 Data Digests (Employment Profile of Coachella Valley Residents) without a map! Well, today’s digest will rectify that. As I noted in the last digest, we usually use the first few digests of the new year to share socioeconomic data specific to the Coachella Valley. In 2024’s first digest, we outlined profiles of the working population of the Valley. One such profile was the educational attainment of employed Valley residents. Today we will take a closer look. This map shows the highest education attained by the majority of the population (25 and older) residing in each census block group in the Coachella Valley. Unlike a pie or bar chart, a map discloses some very interesting geographic patterns about the educational attainment of the Valley populace.

Compare the overall educational attainment of valley residents (25 and older) compared to Riverside County, California, and the US. We have many more residents without a High School degree than the national average. We beat Riverside County in residents with college degrees or higher. But we are still lower than California and US averages.