Land Use in the Coachella Valley

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As any of you who have read my Data Digest can tell, I can't get enough of graphs, tables, and infographics. One of my go-to sites for infographics about the economy is Visual Capitalist. Recently I stumbled on one of their older articles titled Mapped: The Anatomy of Land Use in America (and I can [...]

Agriculture in the Coachella Valley

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The Coachella Valley Agriculture sector is valued at an estimated $600 million, according to the 2019 Coachella Valley Water District's (CVWD) 2019 Crop Report. It accounts for half the estimated $1.3 billion agriculture industry in Riverside County. By CVWD's estimations, agriculture is the "second largest contributor to the local economy," They estimate it contributes nearly [...]

Colorado River Crisis and the Coachella Valley

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Despite this season’s welcome winter rains the Western United States remains in a nearly quarter-decade “megadrought.” This long drought period manifests in the Colorado River's diminished flow. Southern California relies on this vital resource. In fact, California uses the single largest share of the river. And Imperial Valley farms are allocated nearly 80% of that [...]

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