The 2019 Greater Palm Springs Economic Summit is rapidly approaching. Those who have bought tickets or reserved tables need only wait a few more weeks until the business event of the year. Our staff is planning out all of the final details, making sure everything will run smoothly on event day. One thing we strive to do each year is to outdo ourselves from the year before: this year will be no different. The Summit promises to deliver content worth caring about in an engaging, entertaining, and understandable way. So… what can this year’s attendees expect?

Expect Familiar Things, Such As…

  1. The release of the 2019 Economic Report. The Summit, now in its 15th year, has humble origins. It was originally a small gathering to celebrate the launch of CVEP’s annual Economic Report. Why not do it with a little fanfare, right? From this modest beginning, the annual launch of the Economic Report grew and grew, eventually becoming the largest local business event in Greater Palm Springs. During the event, the highlights of the Report’s findings will be covered by its primary author, Dr. Manfred Keil.
  2. A vision of the future. The Summit is a notoriously future-looking event. Our team always looks for speakers who can help us understand the future of work and the economy. By looking in the rear-view mirror, we can understand what we’ve done to get where we are. But to get where we want to go, we not only have to look forward, but we have to look beyond what’s immediately and obviously in front of us. This year, we take a deep dive into how automation is disrupting the hospitality industry, and what that might mean for local workers.
  3. To expand and strengthen your network. Connect (or re-connect) with business associates, community leaders, and new acquaintances. Digital networking may be gaining ground, but there’s no better way to build trust or put a name to a face than to do so in person.

Expect New Things, Too, Like…

  1. Students. You’ll recall that The Summit is a future-looking conference. You’ll also recall a sentiment popularized by the late Whitney Houston: that the children are our future. This year, over 100 top students from DSUSD, PSUSD, CVUSD, CSUSB, and COD will attend, thanks in part due to a sponsorship from California Alliance for Renewable Energy Solutions. The changes brought by automation will impact them more than it will impact those of us who are already in the workforce, and we want to be sure they consider these impacts as they plan their lives and careers.
  2. Cappuccino! While everything else on this list has been serious (not that coffee isn’t serious!) this is a lighthearted addition for 2019. Since The Summit is a breakfast event, there’s always plenty of coffee flowing. But this year, we have decided to elevate the experience for those who like something a little extra in the morning. No need to stop at the drive-thru for your morning latte on the way to the 2019 Summit. Join us in the main hall for complimentary cappuccino and specialty coffee from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and again after the event concludes at 11:00 a.m.

The 2019 Greater Palm Springs Economic Summit is Tuesday, November 19, at the Palm Springs Convention Center, from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Tickets are available for $110 per person, and a reserved table of 10 is $950. Purchase in advance as the price goes up to $125 per person at the door.

Learn more about our featured speakers for this year’s Summit.