For today’s Data Digest, we take another look at some of the limited data that is currently available from the 2020 Census. We will start to see more data rolling out this summer. You can count on seeing that discussed in the Data Digest. This week we look at the distribution of residents in the Coachella Valley that are under the age of 18.

Stereotypically, our valley is often thought to be comprised primarily of old-aged retirees. Contrary to popular opinion, we do have a significant population of residents under the age of 18. According to the 2020 Census results, 21.1% of the Coachella Valley is in this age group, close to the US average of 22.1%. and 22.0% in California. By contrast, Riverside County is higher at 24.6%

Looking at the map you see that the highest proportion of young residents is centered around Desert Hot Springs and the East Valley. But there are high concentration census block groups scattered throughout the central spine of the valley. How do this distribution and future growth/decline in this age group inform the current and future allocation of public and private education?

The US Census Bureau recently announced an undercount in the 2020 census. People of color, and disproportionately young ones, were undercounted. People of color make up a significant percentage of the younger than 18 age group in our valley. Were they significantly undercounted here?